Self-leveling floor supports SB

Self-leveling supports SB

Self-leveling floor supports SB. Technicality and versatility are an essential mix that combines the need to support important breaking loads, with the possibility of adjusting the height millimetrically (adjustable from 27 to 120 mm), in favor of a perfect leveling of the flooring.

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The Adjustable Self-leveling Floor SupportĀ SBĀ contains two elements: technicality and versatility.
An essential mix that does not however forget the need to support important breaking loads, as well as the possibility of adjusting the height (adjustable from 27 to 120 mm), in favor of a perfect leveling of the flooring.

SB Self-leveling Adjustable Stands have the following main characteristics:

• adjustable height from 27 to 120 mm;
• height adjustment acting directly on the base;
• smooth base of 320 cm²;
• resistant to acids, aging, UV rays;
• resistant to temperatures from -40° to +120°C;
• totally recyclable;
• usable with any outdoor flooring.


Excellent hiding place for pipes and systems
The interspace between the flooring and the underlying membrane allows the passage of pipes and systems that are thus masked but remain easy to inspect;

Excellent absorption of expansions
The independence of the flooring and the support supports allows to absorb the expansion and the structural movements;

Significant weight reduction
With the elimination of the concrete screed, the raised system allows a substantial reduction of the weight on the structure and a real reduction in costs;

Floor always flat and easily inspectable
The self-leveling supports system allows to compensate the small differences in level and slope of the laying surface and to create perfectly stable and flat floorings. In case of laying on waterproofing membrane, this is easily accessible and inspectable as the flooring is simply laid on the supports without any mechanical fixing;

Strong resistance to weight
The sturdy structure of the support conferred not only by the experience in formulating the compound but also by the continuous threading between base and screw, guarantees a strong, safe and long lasting product;

Better sound insulation
Thanks to the "bi-component" head anti-slip and anti-noise, Eternal support is the only one in the world able to break down the sound level up to 25dB;

Speed of installation
First of all it means an economic saving. In the case of work in buildings already inhabited, the limited intervention time will allow less inconvenience, in the case of new constructions, the speed of installation will be a point of advantage for the purpose of the organization of the site;

Ecology and cleanliness
Everything is recyclable, both the flooring elements and the supporting substructure. At the end of the life of the building and / or floor, everything can be easily removed and recycled, to give life to other products and nothing will be lost in the environment. The system of laying "dry" does not include adhesives or chemicals.