La nostra azienda

BetonWood is the European leader in the production of cement bonded particle boards pressed in slabs of high compactness, density and strength; and hardness, resistant to fire, to atmospheric agents, with excellent characteristics of acoustic abatement and excellent characteristics of thermal displacement.

BetonWood® srl , italian and european leader in the construction of dry systems for green building with wood fiber and other natural materials. The company's philosophy is based on commitment to product quality, customer satisfaction and environmental protection. Always the BetonWood® srl tends to establish a direct relationship with the client, which goes beyond the mere commercial interest and gives the certainty of finding a serious and prepared interlocutor. Operating on national and European territory, it is called every day to look for new technical solutions to meet different needs. Hence the need to develop cement bonded particle boards according to the use and solutions required by the market. That's why the BetonWood® srl has specialized over the years in all the production of raw materials for green building based on wood spruce and Portland cement, has also created the patented coupling of "Betonyp" high density cement bonded particle boards with "mineralized wood wool", has developed a series of articles created with the coupling of their materials with other green building materials such as blond cork in panels, rolls and granules, wood fiber, expanded and extruded polystyrene, sandstone, rock wool, glass wool coatings etc ..

The creation of the range of products and solutions for BetonWood systems developed for green building of the present and future years, the target is to improve the energy savings in the European and Italian building heritage in particular, to support the construction market and to strive to meet the European reduction targets of greenhouse gases set in Kyoto.